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Sikorsky Aircraft is an American aircraft manufacturer based in Stratford, Connecticut. It was established by Russian–American aviator Igor Sikorsky in 1923 and was among the first companies to manufacture helicopters for civilian and military use. Previously owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), in November 2015 Sikorsky was sold to Lockheed Martin.

Back in 1987, THE NEW YORK TIMES reported in the following article about Sikorsky Accused of Compromising Copter Safety: The former top aviation safety engineer for Sikorsky Aircraft says he quit over management practices that compromised helicopter flight safety, according to court papers. But Sikorsky officials say the safety engineer, Matthew Ellis, quit because he was passed over for promotion. Mr. Ellis, who resigned from the Stratford, Conn.,-based company last January, is fighting a move by Sikorsky's parent company, the United Technologies Corporation, to limit his role as an expert witness in product liability cases against Sikorsky. United Technologies said Mr. Ellis took sensitive company documents in violation of his employment contract, a charge he denies. Design Weakness Blamed The Ellis case, disclosed today in Defense Week, a Washington newsletter that tracks military issues, comes amid allegations that a design weakness led to the crashes of five Black Hawk helicopters since 1982. Sikorsky makes UH-60 Black Hawks for the Army and SH-60 Seahawks and CH-53 Sea Stallions for the Navy. The company came under fire earlier this month after Knight-Ridder newspapers published a news article saying the Black Hawk was vulnerable to ordinary radio waves that might have caused the five crashes. Army and Sikorsky officials have denied the allegation. In an affidavit filed in Federal District Court in Nashville, Mr. Ellis said: The management of the company had changed its method of operation in the area of safety, and I believed that my ideas and goals for the safe operation of our aircraft were being compromised. During my normal interface with customers, it became increasingly difficult to deal with the knowledge that as each day passed, more people were either becoming maimed or killed in our aircraft. I estimate that over 600 people were either killed or seriously injured during the period from January 1981 through January 1987. Sikorsky's Claim Rejected Mr. Ellis did not detail his allegations, and there was no answer today at his home in Clarksville, Tenn. In the affidavit, which was filed last April, Mr. Ellis rejected Sikorsky's claim that he was disgruntled for failure to win promotion.To the contrary, I had advanced faster than the normal employee, he said. Mr. Ellis was the Army's top aviation safety official before joining Sikorsky in 1981. After leaving the company, he started a Nashville-based consulting firm, Ellis Failure Analysis Associates. Mr. Ellis had been hired as an expert witness in several civil cases filed against Sikorsky in connection with helicopter crashes, including a New York case involving a Black Hawk and Minneapolis and Florida litigation involving crashes of the Navy's Sea Stallion, Defense Week reported. United Technologies filed suit asking a federal judge to prevent Mr. Ellis from using company documents he allegedly took in violation of his contract. Mr. Ellis denies that he took documents and says the charge has tarnished his professional reputation. The company declined to comment on specifics of the case. It released a brief statement saying: The rules of that U.S. District Court prevent us from commenting on pending litigation. Mr. Ellis's attorney also declined comment today. Federal District Judge John T. Nixon issued a temporary restraining order in April against Mr. Ellis, severely limiting him in Sikorsky cases. A hearing is set for Dec. 10 in Nashville.


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Senior Analyst, Marketing/Team Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Simple:Every 2 years you have to worry about being laid off. Terrible morale. Set in their old ways and unwilling to change with the times. Very unhealthy work environment. My blood pressure shot to dangerous levels while there. Haven't had to take any blood pressure meds since I left.thinking...micro management"

Rigger - Lead Man Position (Current Employee) says

"Sikorsky is unhealthy both physically and mentally! They don't care about you or anyone else that works there. They treat you terribly even if you are a loyal employee with more than 10 years."

supply chain (Current Employee) says

"overall operation is based on :net of old pals who are not willing to accept changes, unhealthy political environment and poor management, lack of transparency and unprecedented egosnonesee above"

Quality Engineer II (Former Employee) says

"the company could care less about quality.. the assembly line may as well be manufacturing washing machines .. everything is schedule period.. nothing else matters.. . union presence fosters uselessness and two different companies with two different sets of rules literally under the same roof. quality managers produce colorful charts and graphs that mean nothing and go nowhere. training is non-existent. real issues get buried.. older experienced employees, for the most part, have been laid off. leaving hungry newbees and wannabees in charge of the circus, sikorsky is not a happy place to work anymore, it was not always that way. ,"

Electrical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Very difficult place to work due to a bad corporate culture in the managements and HRs area. By removing very good managers, some managers and supervisors are given positions based on how politically and friendly support whoever promise them positions rather than based on their performance and achievement. Upper managements are so weak to monitor what is going in lower level managers. HR are close to some managements and they are poor in addressing employees' issue and fail to encourage managers to be accountable. As a result, I observed when government projects were terribly mismanaged due to substantially lack of knowledge in newly appointed mangers and supervisors and they get away with it by blaming employees.Employees scholarVery poor management"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Poor Morale, terrible management who have no leadership skills. Limited opportunities for advancement. Caters to the "new" talent. Lockheed Martin takeover was not a smooth transition.SalaryEverything else"

Dynamic Systems Eng. Overhaul & Repair (Former Employee) says

"Like dope in the 90's just say no. It might be better since Lockheed took over but it looks like Lockheed intends to get rid of them as soon as they can."

Aircraft Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"If you like working for a company that is unionized and can do nothing all day but play games on your phone while you watch others constantly work and never get reprimanded, then Sikorsky is the place for you.get paid way too much money to leaveback stabbing, non punishing management to those who need vs. to gratitude for those who do work"

Lead Electrical Installer (Current Employee) says

"Was a great place to work while it lasted. Corporation decided to have 500 people out of jobs and move its assembly lines to other locations even though our site builds them faster and cheaper than any other site."

Staffing Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I have worked at Sikorsky for a considerable part of my career as an engineer. In the beginning it was a great place to work. I loved working there. However that is no longer true. Most of the work that engineers used to do there has now been offloaded and we are now overseeing projects instead of doing it ourselves.9/80 schedule which allows you to have off every other Friday.Work is offloaded, no longer a true engineer, now a number cruncher."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Poor wages, very disorganized. Many of the employees were very lazy and management did not enforce any disciplinary actions."

Black Hawk Final Assembly Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The union kills Sikorsky big time. Management does not give the support to achieave budget goals and the schedule deliver dates. Planning & Control is only getting better now and part shortages are ridiculous and assembly is always a hassle to keep a smooth flow. HR does not exist and favors union employees. To work at Sikorsky as a direct hired, I recommend only in the support group (Engineering); else, only hourly employees have a "decent" work condition with unlimited breaks during the day and are never held accountable for anything."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I definitely didn't see growth for myself at this company. As a military contractor, they embodied the culture that the man's role was to make the decision and the woman's to execute under the leadership of a man. So growth at this company was selective to a small group, namely those that made ranks of an 0-5 or higher in the military."

Procurement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was happy on the first four years then I had two bully managers that impaired my progress gave me no support. I wrote several messages to HR without result. Then after almost ten years I voiced that during the Lockheed acquisition I wanted to be part of the layoff. The last years I felt discriminated, disrespected and scary going to work. I was trapped in a position that I was miserable and my manager was a bully. It was awful I felt helpless. The company principles were violated and HR did not care. Great company, unfair management."

Instrumentation Senior Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Horrible work culture. Nepotism is huge there. There is a "good ol' boy" in place here. If you're not apart of it, your career will be stifled due to it. Management is super hypocritical here. Very "Do as I say, not as I do" mentality. They sweep unethical issues under the rug."

Customer Service and Logistics (Current Employee) says

"Low visibility to leadership team, poor management, stressful, no benefits. Contractors treated like second class citizens and are basically forced to do everyone's busy work."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management at highest levels made poor decisions that led to the decline of the company. Number of hours you worked mattered more than results obtained. Forced poor practices in manufacturing that ignored certain requirements, cut funding to critical areas. Poor culture.None that I can think ofNo life/work balance"

Senior Production Controller (Former Employee) says

"I would never fly in one of the commercial helicopters built in Coatesville after I saw the issues they were having. I am sure it will be sold sometime in the near future once it's realized that it will never make a profit."

PURCHASING ANALYST (Current Employee) says

"Non -transparent culture supported by "old management "network" impossible to be promoted if there is no personal connections inside the network. Some managers have no education at imageno advansment"

Avionics Specialist (contract position) says

"Poor management, Poor benefits, Long hours, Low pay, Cut-throat work environment. Fortunately, the company has been acquired by Lockheed Martin. Not sure what the job culture, pay, or benefits are today.NonePoor management, Poor benefits, Long hours, Low pay, Cut-throat work environment."